Can I Start Karate?

Absolutely, we only ask that you arrive approximately 10 minutes early to meet the instructor, inform them of any medical conditions that may affect your training, and sign any necessary documentation.

What should I wear?

In a traditional dojo setting, we train a "gi" or other approved dojo attire, a new student is advised to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Also, prepare to train in bare feet. (Only in some outdoor training will shoes be allowed)

Am I too old to start?

Certainly not! It is never to late to begin something fun and healthy. Many adults and seniors enroll in martial arts classes EVERY DAY!

Is my child too young to start?

Many schools begin to accept children around the age of 5. Our enrollment age is 7, however, we will accept 5-6 year old based on evaluation.

Will I get hurt?

Karate is extremely physical. There is always a chance injury can occur. However, your instructor will do everything within his ability to ensure you are training in a safe and effective manner.

How long will it take to receive a black belt?

At this time, testing will occur every 3-4 months; if the student has met the requirements they will be allowed to test for rank. However, testing does not guarantee that the student will receive their next rank, all test MUST be passed in accordance with the curriculum. Assuming that all requirements are met and all test are passed within these time frames a 1st Dan could be earned in approximately 3-4 years.