About Us

Sensei Matt Barker

Sensei Matt Barker has 19 years of martial arts experience. He began his Kenpo Karate, Iiado and Aikido and training in 2003 under Sensei Jim Green, 7th Dan at Kakidote Dojo in Jackson, TN. Sensei Barker trained there until Sensei Green left Jackson to return to Cookeville. In Sensei Greens absence Sensei Barker continued to train under Sensei Sherwin Moore. In 2007, Sensei Barker was promoted to Shodan in Kakidote Ryu Kenpo Karate. After this promotion, Sensei Barker continued to train under Sensei Moore for several years, earning the title of Sempai. In the years after, Sensei Barker would go on to expand his studies with Shotokan Karate under Hanshi Bob Bass while continuing to train with Sensei Moore and the Fudoshinka Dojo. In 2018, Sensei Barker was awarded the title of Sensei, founded South Jackson Martial Arts and was promoted to the rank of Nidan in Fudoshinka Ryu Kenpo Karate. Sensei Barker is also a founding member of West Tennessee Martial Arts Association.

Sensei Barker teaches Kenpo as a reflexive and instinctive combat art in the same manner he was taught. His theory is that regular exposure to combative scenario desensitizes the brain and allows the practitioner to move in a natural manner, while experiencing a reduced level of anxiety. Training in this manner, teaches the student to keep a clear mind during engagement and remain effective. The state of Mushin or "no-mind" is what this training strives for, to be able to execute proper and effective technique free of thought or planning. Sensei Barker is utilizing these principles to develop Mushin Ryu Kenpo Karate.

Sensei Josh Nichols

Sensei Josh Nichols has 13 years of martial arts training. He has trained with Kyoshi Sherwin Moore since he was eight years old, and currently holds a 4th degree black belt in Fudoshinka Ryu Kenpo Karate. Along with the amazing accomplishment of 4th Dan, he was also awarded the title of Renshi in 2021. Sensei Nichols has also trained under Shihan Brian Johnson in the art of Ninjitsu. An avid learner he enjoys going to martial arts seminars such as Karate College were he has trained with the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, he is also an outdoorsman who enjoys camping, hiking and marksman training.